May 3rd, 2002

Evil Twin

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wow, crazy.

My first ever friend (we met when we were 2) just popped onto AIM. he still has the same aol account that he had when we were like 13. they should give him an award or something.
He was just getting online to work on a paper for tomorrow. What a coincidence, I'm just working on my thesis due tomorrow! heh.

He's coming back to the area for the summer, so I'm going to have to get together with him and go hit a bar or something. We've got about 5-6 years to catch up on really.
We've both changed a whole hell of a lot, but there's still that something there that keeps you together, ya know?
I mean jeeze, we almost got married at one point but neither of us wanted to wear the dress. (true story. we were 4.)

Wonder if that's why my mom always thinks i'm gay...
hmmm. never occured to me before to put 2 and 2 together. *smacks forehead*

Anyway, back to the thesis. I just had a mental breakthrough as to my argument.
Gamers slip into a mostly separate habitus (concept from Pierre Bourdieu, go google it. it changed my way of thinking) when they go online to play multiplayer games. It's not just a different persona, they're virtually a completely different person. And I have all the quotes and shit to back it up. I think. I hope.
ah! so effing cool. Now just to whip out thirty more pages or so before the sun comes up.

Wish me luck. I may not sleep until 5pm this afternoon.

If you wanna chat while I work, and you're an insomniac or something,
AIM: inthehandbasket
ICQ: 21753605
Yahoo: klocwerk

I'll be up all night and highly caffeinated. although I'm running low, may make a quickie-mart run shortly.
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Evil Twin

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someone go slow down the rotation of this damned planet for me, would ya?
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