July 16th, 2002

Evil Twin

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ah life...
I got about 12 hours of sleep last night.
That was very interesting. heh.
I had planned on getting up and doing the dishes.
unh-uh. Not happening.
I had planned on setting the alarm so the girl wouldn't be late to work.
did so when I woke up at 1am to turn out the lights.
I love those nights when you just crash.

In other news...

I am alive. I realized yesterday that my most recent twenty posts include posts from when I was still in college. eep! Figured I better start writing more.
So, my web hosting company, cyberwings.com, is haveing legal troubles with THEIR isp, who they rented data center space from. They got locked out for what they claim is no apparent reason. There have been comments flying around that they never paid their ISP and so they got locked out. Whatever. They're opening a new data center with a different ISP, but no word on when our domains will be working again.
So i hooked myself up with an e-mail forwarding service through mydomains.com, meaning theoretically that any e-mail going to my cybertrash account should be bounced to a different account that I can use in the meantime.
pain in the ass, but within a few days I should be getting e-mail again. yay!
redirecting my domain to an 'under construction' place holder. bleh. but oh well, better than nothing.

I need some food. Have a frisbee game tonight, and wont have much time to eat after classes, so I need to grab something in the next hour and a half.

Anyway, that's what's been going on in my life lately.
Needing a job, taking classes, chillin with the girl, and playin frisbee.
not a bad life, but the lack of an income is getting to me real quick.
almost broke.

anyway, off to hunt up some food. whee!
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Evil Twin

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oh, and I decided I needed a place to stick all my random junk I run across.
say hello to cybertrash
feel free to befriend it, may have some useful stuff for you now and then. It's all useful to me. ;o)
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