July 17th, 2002

Evil Twin

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fucking pain of a day.
So I'm on my way to class, and my car has been making this irritating intermitent screeching lately. I pull into a nice flat parking lot to pop the wheel off and check it out.
As I thought, the dust guard for the brakes is bent in a little close, rubbing the rotor. I bend it out, and the noise stops.
Then I notice the other noise that the squeaking had been hiding.
This godawful grinding sound.

I pull into the place where I always get stuff done about a mile from the parking lot I was in to get them to check it out. I thought it'd be a break out of alignment or something, take a minute to fix and I'd be on my way, so I give them my keys and they check it out. Takes them forever, cause they're busy.
Around 1:00 he comes over to me where I'm reading stuff for class and getting pissy about being late, and hands me an estimate.
holy fuck. $900 worth of stuff!
turns out the damn bearing on the front left wheel was almost toast, which was the awful grating noise. 200 for parts for that. then a bunch of other stuff they want to tack on too and labor.
I go ah fuck. I'm screwed. they tell me I can't drive it any distance.
At this point I've missed my first class and will be late to the second, so I say ok, fine. park it in the lot and I'll call you later once I've talked to my parents and stuff. I hop a train back into philly, grab the trolley to the apartment, reach in my pocket.
notice how I never got my keys back, i forgot that the apartment keys were on the same keychain.
so I sit on the porch for a bit fuming at my stupidity and the shittiness of the day.
Hop a trolley.
Hop a train.
get keys and some real shoes out of the car since I'll be hoofing it for a day or two.
Hop a train.
Hop a trolley.
sprawl on bed in a pissed off overheated stupor, having poured $18 into public transportation today already and being no closer to having a car.
I call the parents, and get the papa bear who's more mechanically experienced than I.
Thankfully he tells me we can replace that ourselves, it's not so bad.
He calls around, finds a hub for either 88 or 149, depending on which I need (which I have to find out tomorrow). But I'm still without a car for the rest of the week. craptacular.
i'm going to go make myself some dinner and try to put this day out of my mind for a bit.
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