September 28th, 2002

Evil Twin

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the curtlepine and I are postulating on the possibility of getting a DSL line.
It had been in the back of both of our minds, and I just saw a promotion on where you get a free PS2 for signing up with them by monday.
Little sooner than we were expecting, but PS2s play DVDs, yes? and we were planning on getting a DVD player sooner or later (other than cpu ones)...
so I think this is an excellent opportunity to get a DSL line.
Only i'm still technically unemployed. poop.
Free installation, you have to pay $225 for a modem from them, but it comes with a $225 mail-in rebate. so in the end you just pay the tax (which I don't think there is any, being an inter-state sale) plus the monthly fees for a DSL line from one of the best providers out there.

(I'm just talking this out, as it helps me figure out where things stand with it. :o)

So I'm going to call tomorrow and double-check all this rebate nonsense, and then perhaps we'll submit an order.
then next week I'll get one of these jobs I'm interviewing for!
then then then...
life will settle down and I'll be able to relax.
or so goes the theory.
*crosses fingers*
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