January 10th, 2003

Evil Twin

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got my winter league team!
my captain is an old frisbee friend, so now I'm totally stoked about playing.

in other news, work is back to normal. aka, not insanely busy.
also good news.
Yesterday i didn't get off the phone except lunch, until 4pm, when I finally got a short break. *whew*

in other other news, I'm posting a lot today. perhaps indicative of things to come. *shrug* feeling talkative today and the girl's in a meeting.
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Evil Twin

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Me wants~!~

I e-mailed the seller, and she wants $225 for it, and she'll throw in shipping.
I really want it! really really do.

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checked other basses available on ebay which are newer, not cracked, and much prettier. plus fretless. for about the same price.
screw that one. I'm gettin me something like this: ooo purty. they come in green, and natural colored too.
*happy sigh*