February 11th, 2003

Evil Twin

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well anyway. hi.
it's been forever since i've written anything of substance in here.
time for a general life update.

The other day (when I started my new job) i read back through all of my entries I'd ever made in LJ. it was informative. I like this journaling thing. so you'll all just have to suck it up and deal with my occasional rambling updates.

life right now is going. ok. I'm settling into this whole job thing, and grasping the concept that I'm not going to have a spring break. Making friends at work, hating some people at work, about the norm it seems.
feeling a bit like a fat slob. I'm not doing anything active for the first time in my life, and it sucks. I'm heavier than I've ever been as well, and it's really not making me happy. I was ok with it until the girl started talking about joining a gym recently, and all of a sudden I got really self conscious and weird, which I've never really been to any extent in the past.
Now it's not the girl's fault in the least, but it's just what inspired it.
so I'm going to try to start running again. playing frisbee once a week is fun and all, but it's not going to keep me in shape. now that I'm not in school anymore, i don't have practice to keep me in shape, so I need to do it on me own. whee.
wish me luck.

still in debt. ugh. car is doing ok, but getting windows replaced sucks. Still needs to be inspected, and I really need to change the oil. it's been so freakin cold out that I just can't bring myself to do it. heh.

bought swanky new pants the other day, I feel more yuppie in them, so I fit into the corporate environment better.
I don't think of them as conforming pants, more like camoflauge pants.
*blends in to better observe the natives*

and that's about it for now.
Going to go drink lots of water to try to ward off headaches.
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Evil Twin

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(while I wouldn't ordinarily bite on a gothyou'reit game, i can't resist this)

Oh me, users brains must be musty, with their woeful tales of stupidity incarnate.
where is my dark goth-in-tarnished-armor to take me away from all this? back into the night where I belong?
My unwanted and unasked for task: I am a shedder of light into the dark recesses of unused brains, cleaning up the cobwebs that I would much rather leave in place, illuminating the unworthy.
would that I could crawl back into my own dark recesses and leave them to their own mortality. but it is not in my destiny to do so, I must move on, tormented as i am by the specters of demented users.

prosicated, goth, you're it! :-p
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