April 5th, 2003

Evil Twin

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i went to a bar tonight.
had a bunch of guinnesses with an irishman who claims not to be gay, and a crippled man who's very impressive in a wheelchair after 6 beers.

sleepy time
Evil Twin

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I just spent $120 on new shirts for work.
needed short sleeves for the upcoming warmth, got 7 decent buttondowns for $120, which isn't too shabby really.
but but but...
it's the most I've ever spent on clothes in one go.
cept my interview suit, but that doesn't count.

In other news, I didn't receive a paycheck in the month of March.
Fucking fuckitty fuck fucks. (aka poopheads)
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Evil Twin

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holy fuck.
just found an 18" Viewsonic LCD monitor for $215.
600 contrast ratio, 250 brightness. sick pretty monitor. brand new.
No, I'm not telling where, unless you beg. e-mail works for begging.
I want to buy a few more tomorrow and sell em on e-bay, but damnit I can't afford to front the cash for em right now.
shit, could probably make $200 a pop off of em on e-bay.
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