April 23rd, 2003

Evil Twin

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Ok, the earl gray story.
Prosicated is in the same boat as I for this, although she seems to be getting over it faster.
anyway, onwards...

The year is 2000 (I think). The month is August (I'm pretty sure).
Prosicated and I are camping in the poconos with her bestest friend from high school (aka A.) and the german boyfriend of said friend (aka G., cause I can't remember his name).
The girl is a light sleeper, especially in areas where bugs and birds can be heard, and there are no sirens or gunshots to lull one to sleep. Sunlight through a thin tent doesn't help either. so we're up shortly after dawn. A. and G. don't have such problems, so they're sleeping soundly. We rummage around in the car, and come up with a box of earl gray tea, and a tupperware of suger.
woohoo! morning tea!
Quietly, so as not to wake A. and G., we trot off to the campground bathrooms to draw some water from the sketchy spigot that they provide for drawing water from. fill a kettle, and go back to the campsite. I fire up our coleman stove, and we heat some water.
We make our tea, add our sugar, let it steep for a few minutes, lounging in the wonderful outsideness that we're in. we remove the teabags, and take our first sips of wonderful earl gray tea.
It tastes a little funny, but neither of us say anything, remaining quiet in the natural splendor of it all. a few sips later, we both sorta look at eachother and discuss the flavor of the tea. we chalk it up to campground water and continue towards the bottom of the cups.
the closer to the bottom we get, the funnier and funnier it tastes, until we can't drink it anymore. puzzled, I grab the sugar container and taste it.
mmmm... yummy... blegh! salt!!!!
The flavor of the salt blended so well with the earl gray oil flavor (which I can't remember the name of, starts with a C.) that we couldnt' distinguish the saltiness of it.
To this day, I can't drink earl gray without remembering that lovely taste. *cough cough*

And thus, I no longer drink earl gray tea.
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Evil Twin

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new woodworking community I just found. whee!
will edit this with the link momentarily.
anyone out there *coughstancough* who does anything with wood needs to join. :o)
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