June 13th, 2003

Evil Twin

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here's my hits since I started the wiki
10/Jun/03: 219
11/Jun/03: 785
12/Jun/03: 1262

today? 27 hits.
*le sigh*

there goes my (counts... 72x60...) 4920 minutes of minor fame, looks like no one wants to play. perhaps this evening.
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Evil Twin

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Ok, obviously you people aren't trying real hard. ;o)
On the first page of the site it says:
"A Wiki is a publicly editable website. This means that YOU have the power to change anything on this site."

(plus I checked the logs, no one who's wondered what it is even tried to access it. (except the nora beast) =P )

and that's what a Wiki is. It's what you make it.
So far it's pretty much the girl, myself, and darius_lee. We'd love some company.
go add your interests to the front page and fill in some detail, or help flesh out what's already there.
for hopefully the last time, clicky!
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