July 9th, 2003

Evil Twin

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"I recently read the following:

'After 9/11, Bush made two statements:
  • "Terrorists hate America because America is a land of freedom and opportunity."
  • "We intend to attack the root causes of terrorism."

    Sounds like everything is going according to plan.'"
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    Evil Twin

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    wow, my updating has become super rare.
    I'm an LJ lurker. go me.

    I'm in the process of buying me a banjo.
    be afeared. be very afeared.

    sat through 2 days of corporate brainwashing monday and tuesday. that was fun.
    Apparently sexual harassment has become the easiest thing in the world to accuse/convict someone of. If two people hug in front of a third person, and that third person is made uncomfortable by it, the first two people can be fired for sexual harassment.
    Yeah. messed up.

    I thought I was done with diablo2 for awhile, but i got sucked back in.
    I'm being better about it this time though. not skipping meals, not staying up till 5am playing... yeah.
    healthy geekdom.

    I bought a new domain. please welcome klocwerk.com to my little domain family. there's nothing there except a default apache page, don't bother. but it's being served off of a leetil tiny pc sitting on my bookshelf in the apartment hallway. way cool. Pikturs when i get around to it.

    round tuits are hard to find.
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