July 24th, 2003

Evil Twin

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I've been really lazy lately.
really, really lazy.
I've been skipping frisbee games for piddling little reasons, I haven't written back to at least one very important e-mail, I have a mis-shipped item that i've had to return to the sender for over a month now, and my car insurance bill has been sitting on my desk for three weeks waiting to be paid. My grandfather is in the hospital and I'm kvetching about going to visit him (cause he's a grump), my days at work are filled with laziness, and there's a teapot on my desk with 2 month old tea leaves in it because I haven't washed it out yet.
lazy lazy lazy!

that's all, you may return to your regularly scheduled activities while I sit here staring glassily at a computer monitor.
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    none, forgot to bring in a cd. >_