September 10th, 2003

Evil Twin

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so i took a 'sick' day today to get my car's emissions done.
turns out it doesn't need emissions. wtf??? it always used to...
ah well. it even says so on the registration (or rather doesn't say it needs it, which is the same thing).

so now I have a hooky day. I feel like there should be something good I can do with it, but I dunno what that would be. I have no books I'm dedicated to at the moment (a rare occurance), I have a few items I'm wanting to purchase, but they're all spensive things that I don't want to just run out and pick up. (new computer parts, new bike, new job)

new job!
I'm sick of commuting an hour each way, let's see what's out there.
*to the bat-resume!*
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    oooo.. music too! rarely get to listen to that anymore.