October 7th, 2003

Evil Twin

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so a couple of us here at work are considering getting a colocated server.
I'm paying $20 a month at the moment for the girl and I's websites. A colo server is about $100 a month. so if I can find 4 other people willing to split it, I break even. If I can find more than 4 I come out ahead of where I am now.

Anyone interested in doing some shared webhosting?
I'm happy to handle the tech stuff, although if you want to get involved you're more than welcome.
We'll split the costs by simply dividing it among the people involved, so the more people the cheaper, and we'll have FULL control over the server on a nice phat pipe.
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Evil Twin

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so i get home today and hit the power button on my puter, and get WHIRRRRRR squeak whir squeak etc. (coming from the power supply.)
was not good.
so I ran out, grabbed that antec case I've had my eye on (antec sonata) and come home and swap everything into it.
took me two hours to install everything, that case is complicated and I was being way careful. o_0
but up and running, and shiny! and pretty quiet, the loudest thing is my cpu fan which isn't getting replaced 'till the cpu is, which should be pretty soon now anyway.
gotta love forced upgrades due to hardware failure.
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