October 24th, 2003

Evil Twin

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the laptop really shipped!
it's at the post office!
*happy happy joy joy*
got such a good deal I was a little concerned that it was a scam. heh.

Now I just hope it's not too heavy for me to deal with carrying around all the time.
If it is, I'll have to resell it and get something lighter, but I should easilly be able to sell it for what i paid, so iz all gud.
If only the thinkpad 240's weren't so slow... they're tiny little things!
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    stupid biznatch talking in my ear.
Evil Twin

(no subject)

got news today.
bad, poopy news.
they don't want me.
fucking company couldn't return my 5 phone calls I made this week, but they did finally (2 full weeks after my second interview) send me a form letter in the mail.
they probably suck to work for anyway, no big loss.
but I'm still fucking pissed off.
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    KMFDM - drug against war