October 29th, 2003

Evil Twin

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so my curtlepine has gone off to the left coast for awhile, leaving me here to amuse myself for awhile.
Other than my frisbee game tonight, I have approximately 3 plans.
1. Play video games.
2. Buy some dice for role playing, cause I lost my old ones somewhere along the line.
3. Play video games while eating.

But seriously folks...
I got temple of elemental evil awhile back, and haven't had a chance to dig into that. The 1.10 patch for diablo2 came out and I need to check that out. I don't expect it to hold my interest for more than a week though.
On the book front, I have quicksilver that I'm only 160 pages into and it's a 900 page book. I want to make some headway on that. I just got to the pirates, and they rawk.
plus writing my own book come saturday morning.
i wanna give the apartment a good cleaning/picking up. that'll take an hour of concerted effort, then another hour to do the pile o' dishes.
Friend from work is having a halloween party on friday, I really can't make up my mind about attending that. *shrug*
and that's really about all I have planned.
video games
clean apartment
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