November 25th, 2003

Evil Twin

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(was typing up this post yesterday and got sidetracked.)

teh bordum, it hertz!

i'm now officially winning our office fantasy football league.
Odd, since I'm the only one who doesn't watch football, and couldn't give less of a shite about who wins what game. and I'm beatin all their asses.
the up-side of that? the fact that we all (10 of us) put $20 in a pool for it.
*rubs hands in glee*
hopefully I can stay on top with only 5 weeks (out of 17) left in the season. Ry needs a new PS2! hehe!

*update* because of monday night football, I'm now even further ahead. woot!
wonder who won that game...
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Over the stars

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The Customer vocabulary word of the day:

Definition according to customer:
Definition according to ry:
with a very difficult to understand Indian/British accent
two monitors showing the same thing.
headache inducing customer.
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