December 28th, 2003

Evil Twin

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back home again.
xmas was good. spent time with lots of family that I don't see enough.

Sister: lives on Maui, nuf said.
Cousins: one lives just a few miles away, we're both too lazy to bother calling eachother. heh. Others live scattered about, good to see them all.
Great aunt and uncle: funniest pair of people ever. Showed us how to handmake authentic Ukranian perogies.
Grandparents: doing very poorly. 2 out of three have some kind of cancer, the third just got out of hospital earlier this year for... lots of stuff.

Rio Karma MP3 player. wooo fun. already has 10gb on it. lol.
full set of Neon Genesis Evangelion dvds.
Books and cds that I wanted.
some assorted oddities, candies, etc.
A leather bomber jacket.
(I'm very conflicted about the jacket. It's a nice jacket, very nice in fact. very soft, will last forever. I just don't know if I'll wear it. I'm not really the leather bomber wearing type. *sigh*
I think I'll start wearing it to break it in so that someday when I say "I'd like a nice leather jacket" I'll have one all ready to go. Plus it's already bought and my mom would be sad to see it go back to the store.
It really is a very nice jacket.)
The phone number of a very old friend who I haven't seen in a long time.
Got myself a PS2 as I mentioned earlier. much fun has been had, and I anticipate far more fun to come. whee!
Lots of board games~!~ need people to come play them. *flicks eyes towards badgerhaus*

go go gadget capitalism. between the girl and I and all our clothes and stuff we had quite the load coming back to the apartment.

off to hug her, she's working on grad school apps and needs lots of sneakattack-hugs. *grin*
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