December 31st, 2003

Evil Twin

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so I got myself a dvd burner with my xmas money.
I'm burnin me a dvd, and it seems to be working. o_O
57% done, then I try it in the dvd player and see if it works.
done burning, 12 minutes for a dvd. not bad. now the test...
yay! works!
well, to be more precise, the burn worked. our main dvd player doesn't like it too much. freezes and skips, but my playstation2 plays it fine as a dvd, so the burn worked, which is the important part. :o)

in other materialistic news, I ended up keeping the leather jacket for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to please my mother cause she thinks I look cute in it.
I just gotta beat it in a bunch so that it feels worn, then maybe I won't feel so... stupid in it.
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