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Q: OK, what's the deal exactly?
A: The basic idea is that Weed rewards people who share files and respect artists rights. Here's how it works.
You can play Weed files three times for free on any PC. After three free plays, you're asked to pay for the file. You can use any current Windows Media-compatible player software to play the file. The Weed software is used to purchase it.

Once you purchase a Weed file, you're free to play it all you want on up to three PCs. You can also burn the Weed files you buy to CD and play them on your stereo, or transfer them to portable devices, like the Creative Labs Nomad, the RIO S10, or any current Windows CE PDA.

Best of all, you can share Weed files with anyone you like, as long as the files remain in their original form as Windows Media files.

And if someone you share a file with purchases that file, you'll earn a payment for helping to distribute it.

The artist always receives 50% of each sale, and the rest goes to those who helped distribute the file. You get 20%, the person who shared the file with you gets 10%, and the person who shared the file with that person gets 5% of the sale price. Weed collects 15%.

All purchases and distributor payments are done through your Weed account. Deposits and withdrawals from your Weed account cost 50 cents, but all other transactions are free. You must have a PayPal account to make deposits to your Weed account.

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