January 3rd, 2004

Evil Twin

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so in light of my new years resolution (to do more art) i have joined the herd at deviantart.com
I'll be posting stuff there when I actually have stuff to post there.
I will post here when I post there so that if you actually want to you can go look.
There's just some random stuff up there for now, was figuring out the system.


p.s. another fish died today.
all chemical readings are nominal.
I think my tank is cursed.
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Evil Twin

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The meg called me from Germany~!~
She's alive and safe and having fun and all that good stuff. Been worried since I hadn't heard from her, but that's also a good thing cause i would have heard if something were wrong, so yeah.
i misses her.

In other news, friend of mine is in the city, was supposed to call me but he's a nut monkey. It's too late to call the fondue eaters, the fondue's all gone by now.
I was out racing go-karts with my dad. I always forget how fun that is until I do it again. I totally didn't want to go, then I totally didn't want to leave. funny how that works out sometimes.

Making a run to a home improvement store if badgerhaus wants to tomorrow, that would be fun.
I gotta get myself back on a more normal sleep schedule. but it's 9:30 now and I'm not sleepy at all. *le sigh* guess I set an alarm for the morning to kick my ass out of bed relatively on time.

*edit* posted with the "deepest sender" client for firebird. nifty.
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