January 6th, 2004

Evil Twin

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wow. no one on my friends list has updated since 4:26 AM.
that's rare.

In other news, I feel ill today.
going to go make some tea.
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Evil Twin

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So two separate people recently have wondered why I don't have any visible piercings.
The first one I'd been hanging out with all evening, and all of a sudden she looked at me funny and said: "You have no metal in your head! are you planning on fixing that?"
The other one was yesterday, he just said: "hunh. I thought you had a piercing or something. guess not. did you used to?"

Piercings are something that I've always found very intriguing. I have been pierced before, it only stuck around for a few months for a few reasons which I'll not get into here. But between tatoos and piercings, I'm clean of body mods right now, which apparently doesn't mesh well with who people percieve me to be.

At work, I'm one of the subculturey people. In my personal life, I'm relatively mainstream (in comparison to most friends). I occupy this odd middle-ground. At work, I'm expected to have body mods cause I'm so damn counter-culture.
Among friends, it's astonishing that I don't have them, because it's mostly assumed among that crowd.

I'm not sure what point i'm trying to make, or if I'm trying to make any point at all. it's just something that's come up a lot lately, and thusly has piqued my thought processes.

*slight tangent*
There's one tatoo I'd wanted for most of my life, probably since I was 11-12ish.
a barcode.
Now they're fucking everywhere, and I can't bring myself to get one and be another sheep in the crowd. It was such a unique idea when I came up with it, I'd never even heard of one before let alone seen one. And I'm still hung up on it, so I can't come up with something else I'd want. It's a predicklement.

Also there's my selected profession. It's becoming more and more corporate, so alternative computer geeks just aren't in demand so much anymore. It'd be extremely frowned upon for me to dye my hair anything unnatural with my current place of employment, which pisses me off. A bridge piercing, or a pseudo-staple in the back of my neck, would just be grounds for firing, I'm sure.

anyway, enough narcissistic rambling.
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Evil Twin

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oy vey.
the curtlepine's plane has been delayed by at least 50 minutes.
And she hasn't slept in almost two days now.
*much sympathy*

gives me a little more time to clean this place up though.
yeesh am I'm ever disorderly when living alone...
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Evil Twin

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anyone know of a program or website which will generate the correct UPC code for a number/word?
Like an actual scannable barcode?
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Evil Twin

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oh my.
plane delayed YET AGAIN!
arriving in philly at 10:30 now, which means we probably won't be back to the apartment until midnight.
send energy-sustaining thoughts prosicated's way please! she needs it!
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