January 9th, 2004

Evil Twin

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prosicated requests:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Recommend movies involving London
2. Tell me a song that reminds you of January
3. Suggest a nonfiction book that blew you away
4. Show me a visual artist whose work is powerful to you
5. OMG a/s/l??/ L0lz!1

1. Reign of Fire, Shanghi Knights (the worst I could think of. >:-D )
2. Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
3. And there was light
4. Trite, I know, but Dali.
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Evil Twin

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such a sloooow day.
spent most of the day trying to get a stock purchase to go through.
felt all cool and shit.

(actually it was more like "why the fuck won't you let me buy? NO! I don't want that order canceled...")

I slept like shit last night. just couldn't fall asleep. I'd play on the computer for a bit, then go sneak in next to the curtlepine and lay there for 45 mins. Then I'd give up, sneak out, and do it all over again. finally succeded in falling asleep at 3am, got up at 7am.

Wore my new shirt to work today.
It's a gas-station attendant style shirt, the patch which would have a name has 31337 instead.
Very few people caught on, it was depressing. Here I thought I worked with card-carrying geeks, but they're mostly just posers.
Only 3 other people (out of like 30) got it unprompted.
*shakes head sadly*
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My system is a 1ghz athlon tbird.
decided to clean out my heatsink, because I haven't done it since I installed the thing, which has been about 2.5 years now.
Just for shits and giggles, took some temperature readings before cleaning.
51c when idleing.

removed a cubic inch of dust and hair from the cpu (cats). a cubic freakin inch! and this is a stock amd heatsink, not some monster thermaltake or something.
Cleaned up, rebooted. my idle temp was now 46c.
dropped 5 degrees just by cleaning out the dust. heh.

Decided to push the sucker a bit, worse comes to worst I use my laptop till I replace a burnt chip.
idle at 1.1ghz was 51, same as 1ghz was before cleaning.
Pushed it up to 1.2ghz, fastest my Mobo will let me go, haven't broken 60c on a load test.

i just got a free processor upgrade!

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