January 26th, 2004

Evil Twin

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just called out 'snowed in.'
Guess there is some benefit to not having snow tires and the city never plowing useful streets in west philly.
*goes to find his book and some tea*
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Evil Twin

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Five disturbing fake names for ejaculate

1. La Salsa Hombre
2. Onan's Bearnaise
3. Love Pollution
4. Saint Mayo's Spread of Desperation
5. Instant Daddy Mix

(ganked from here)
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Evil Twin

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dood, I roxor.
Took my snowday to set up a redhat linux server running wireless on the network.
got samba shares, wireless access, and it's all working!

if only 11mbps weren't so slow as to render a file server unusable. >_<
guess I'll have to find an 802.11g card for it if I really want it to work.
but it's so small I can just stick it under the router and wire it... but I went through all the trouble to set up wireless... I just don't know. *le sigh*

hey, at least i know I can do it now.
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