March 1st, 2004

Evil Twin

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new secondary boss-man at work.
He seems like a good guy, laid back, not too type-A.
He's taking over Fuckhead's old position, if you remember Fuckhead.
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Evil Twin

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At work every once in a while we do a cd swap.
This is the second time we've done it. What we do is come up with a theme for a cd, then we each make one and make copies for everyone else.
Last time we did it the theme was "10 songs that kick ass," and it was left up to us how to interpret that statement.
This time we said, "Do a chonological audio autobiography."

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yeah. There's some changes I could make, a better Billy Joel song for instance, but there's a damn good reason for every one of them. That's the Billy Joel song I sat down with the lyrics sheet and memorized. Only song I ever did that with.

nuf rambling. I have 8 copies of this to burn yo.
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