March 18th, 2004

Evil Twin

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ganked from many, djluminal first though.

Ask me about something on my interests list.
1) something about which you know nothing and would like to learn more
2) something about which you can't figure out why I might be interested in
3) any other question about oddness therein.

We're getting hammered at work and I need a distraction, so ask away!
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Evil Twin

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meg pointed something out the other day.
lately I've been blogging, not journaling.
i hope to remedy that, and do my blogging on cybertrash.
so if you enjoy my random-ass links and stuff, friend that account instead.
this one will revert to my boring ass life starting next week.
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Evil Twin

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Installing unreal 2k4, and it's freakin 6 CDs.
I remember being AMAZED that a game could take up one CD. (Myst).
this better have an assload of maps and sick music.
the demo was good...

more news later tonight.
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