April 1st, 2004

Evil Twin

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so I forgot to boot up the server I'm working on before I left the apartment, so I have nothing to do with myself at work today except work.
this sucks, cause work sucks.
Of course I need to reinstall the system, so anything I worked on today (if I'd remembered to turn it on) would get blow away as soon as I did that, so whatever. I was going to reinstall last night, but i was sleepy.
mmm... sleep...

oh! there was free coffee and donuts today, as it's been exactly 1 year since the outsourcing company took over the helpdesk I work at, so it's our 1 year aniversary with the company.
I can hardly contain my excitement.
(but it also means that if I leave now, I don't have to pay back my vacation I took, unlike if I'd quit yesterday, so now I'm actually financially free to find a new job. yay!)

back to work. *sigh*
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Evil Twin

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whoops, twitching.
one too many cups of free coffee.

it's getting hard to type without making typos.
I ALWAYS forget how hard multiple cups of coffee hit me.
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I hate when people lie to me.
so that server heatsink? I got his assurance that it would be at my place of business on friday. I just checked the tracking number on fedex's website and saw this:
Estimated delivery date
Apr 5, 2004 by 4:30 pm

I'm fucking livid.
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