April 12th, 2004

Evil Twin

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ah, another monday.
but at least I know that my time here is limited.

I'm just trying to figure out how and when to tell the bossman.
He's a good guy, and I trust him, but he ain't gonna work his ass off to get me what I need if he knows I'm leaving. and I could forget Linux certification if I told him now.
Ah, timing is indeed everything.
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Evil Twin

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So i was sorting change into piles by denomination, and i found a funny looking nickle.
don't know how I hadn't heard about this.

Here's some info and an image if you haven't seen em yet.

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Evil Twin

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My next few weekends:
april 17th, Meg's lil bro coming to visit my alma matter, possibly help djluminal and rivitcat move back to philly area.
april 24th, free at the moment, shocking. I'm sure something will come up.
May 1st, May Day!
May 8th, something that I forget and taking unneeded shite to parents house, cleaning up room at parents house for impending wedding.
May 15th, something else that I forget and slowly moving into badgerhaus.
May 22nd, Sister's wedding.
May 29th, memorial day picnics, kite festival at the beach, and oh yeah, get kicked out of our apartment.

Going to be a busy few weeks.
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