April 13th, 2004

Evil Twin

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i just spent 2 hours removing various spyware, malware, and a nasty trojan from some woman's computer.
I'd say "shoot me" if i didn't feel such a sense of accomplishment for getting that fucker clean.
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Evil Twin

(no subject)

hey all, I need some suggestions.
I'm running Fedora core 1 on a webserver, and I need a backup-to-disk solution.
ideally: a few days worth of archive to go back to if something goes wrong, and potential catastrophic recovery data.

Boxen's got two identical 80gb hard drives, all file systems are ext3.
hda is partitioned into the working system:
/boot = 100mb
/ = 10gb
/home = 65gb

hdc is /backup, and is only going to be mounted when it needs to be used.

If necessary, I can reinstall (again) and use LVM to do snapshots, which from what I've heard might be ideal for what I'm trying to do.
But I've had trouble finding good info (aka detailed howto's) on that online, so i'm wary of just diving into it. (can you use LVM on existing partitions? If so, that'd be easy.)

so, what are some recomendations?
I've tried flexbackup(.sourceforge.net), and it was ugly (and didn't work to restore files). I've looked at bacula and amanda, both are way too complex for what I'm trying to do.
I've considered tar.gz-ing files with a script, and it's a little simplistic.
rsync would work, but that's just a mirror of the drive. would be ok, but I'd rather have a backup solution instead of a mirroring solution.

*edit* finally found a good LVM howto: http://ds9a.nl/lvm-howto/HOWTO/cvs/lvm-howto/output/lvm-howto-7.html
that's back in as an option now. instant snapshots are nice.
also: official howto: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/

*edit2* hmm, "Please note that snapshots are not persistent. If you unload LVM or reboot, they are gone, and need to be recreated."
So take snapshot, mount it, tar (& gzip?) it, shoot it to /backup with an appropriate filename, remove&umount snapshot...?