May 17th, 2004

Evil Twin

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yay! I get friday off to do weddingy stuff with the family.
happy happy.

So, we've been in the process of moving lately, not moved yet but getting there.
We're aiming to be moved on wednesday night. Thursday night -> sunday will be wedding stuffs, so at parents house, then next week we clean up the old apartment and settle into new place.

Other news:
-work is teh suck
+city of heroes is a fun game but will probably get old fast
-I still don't have a Boston job. (gotta harass the boss 'bout that.)
+My new laptop is teh shiznit, it's super light and works just fine under both linux and windows. I think I even got wireless working under linux - although I haven't tested it yet - so I'm happy 'bout that. if only it had a larger hard drive, 20gb is a little small for a dual-boot setup. Ah well, I'm not dropping $100 for a bigger hard drive. =P

back to work. whee.
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