July 16th, 2004

Evil Twin

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Warren Ellis didn't use my piece before he ran out of bandwidth. don't know if he ever would have, but I like to think he woulda.
so here it is.

I was once the prince of gadgetry.
My subjects were the geeks: rich businessmen, technohistoricals, personality hackers, wetware junkies. The illuminati of the technocracy. They came to me with their searches, found in me a confidant, used my brain as a sounding board, or lurked around me and mine to find out where the edge would bleed tomorrow. I was the nucleus of the new. Sony's new phone implant that you got right off the delivery truck? It's oldtech once it gets to you. I knew about new gadgets before the designers and engineers had even committed pencil to paper. I knew how to break them, hack them, crack them, slop them. I could get inside and make it do what it could, not what it should. Technology bent to my will, and I was worshipped for it.
But I got sloppy.
I went to visit my genetic donors for a few hours. I stepped into a world stewed in oldtech and forever playing catch-up.
I stepped out of my realm and into the mainstream.
I know how they look at me. Pity me. Think they’ll never be me.
One day they’ll slip too.
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