September 17th, 2004

Evil Twin

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Ahh, me.

Boston is good.
As much as I was scared of leaving Philly, and as much as I miss the people, I'm really enjoying Boston. there's just so much more going on up here! Philly is less dense, less hustle-bustle, more laid back, and more comfy, but Boston is still comfy and at the same time it's packed with stuff going on and things to do, and whatnot.
Ok, so I'm not really taking advantage of it yet, but I will once I feel settled.

Work is going ok, as i get more integrated around here, I'm starting to get a little busier with more actual stuff to do. Which is nice, cause i actually feel useful.

My cell banana is dead, which is bad. Because there's a voicemail on there that I need. Potential really cool job. As much as I'm starting to get used to / enjoying this one, the potential perks of this other job are blowing my mind. We'll see, I'm going to try to check my mvx from another phone if I can. I'm sure I can, just need to find out how.

- Reread Neuromancer the other day, WHO OUT THERE HAS NOT READ THIS BOOK???? I can't remember.
- Rereading Snowcrash now. It's a little... um... trendoid. It's weird, I first read it about 5 years ago, and looking back now i can see just how painfully intentionally bleeding-edge the book was then. I'm explaining this poorly.
Ok, it feels like it was written by a teenager, with occasionally forays into some serious geekiness. Kinda preachy, kinda trying too hard to be hip... but still a damned good book.
- FINALLY read the 5th harry potter the other day, liked it a lot. For all that you people were going on about the big thing in the ending, I saw it coming a mile away and wasn't at all surprised. Not bragging, just saying that it wasn't all that big a shock to me.

I have a lot of time to read at this job. Two hours of sitting there waiting for tapes to swap, plus about an hour total on/waiting for trains a day. It's nice, I'm getting a lot more reading done than I would otherwise.

anyway, lunch break over. back to woik.
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