September 23rd, 2004

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Seen on a forum today:
Sensible americans don't want a guy who flip-flops more than a dying fish for president and that's what you get with Kerry.

WTF. I'm so goddamned sick of this argument.
<sarcasm>I'd much rather have a president who's wrong 95% of the time and sure of his stance, than one who can see more than one side to an issue and is man enough to admit he was wrong.</sarcasm>
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so I found this community recently called mock_the_stupid.
perfect for me, eh?
not that I ever mock anyone... no... not me. Especially never mock myself.
anyway, you must, MUST read this post.

Also, the link in the comments to a different post is freakin amazing too.
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The lack of natural selection in our society is what enables this.
(admittedly I'd have been selected out by appendicitis without modern medicine, but still...)
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a hard cider recipe that only takes a week and a half, and is from a professional brewmaster.
litres to gallons, that's 7 gals boiled down to 5.