September 30th, 2004

Evil Twin

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just finished reading through my entire LJ.
What a long, strange trip it's been.
I'm a very different person now than I was in the winter of '01. Amazing what three and a half years will do to a person.

Tonight I'm headed to our "disaster recovery site" after work to set up machines. Raking in massive overtime (at time-and-a-half payrate), or so I hope. watch us only be there for like 2 hours. I think it'll be more like 5-6 though. we'll see.

Missing the Badgers a lot lately.

Beer batch is fermenting along happily, I'm psyched. the liquid yeast was a lot less bitchy this time than last time.
Let me go heat up some lunch and I'll make a nice beer brewing post finally.


I need new usericons, as I just don't look like that anymore.
plus I'm tired of the same ones all the time.
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Evil Twin

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wooo, drinking waaaay too much water today.
I'm pissin like a racehorse.

man I love staff meetings! nothing like a... staff meeting...
damn. should be spelled staph meetings, cause they freakin suck the life out of you.

back to woik!
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Over the stars

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ABC already posted a recap of the presidential debate that, uh, hasn't started yet.

The media fucking scares me.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. Sept. 30, 2004 — After a deluge of campaign speeches and hostile television ads, President Bush and challenger John Kerry got their chance to face each other directly Thursday night before an audience of tens of millions of voters in a high-stakes debate about terrorism, the Iraq war and the bloody aftermath.

The 90-minute encounter was particularly crucial for Kerry, trailing slightly in the polls and struggling for momentum less than five weeks before the election. The Democratic candidate faced the challenge of presenting himself as a credible commander in chief after a torrent of Republican criticism that he was prone to changing his positions.
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