October 18th, 2004

Evil Twin

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So I'm now back among the living.
pun fully intended.

My grandfather was an interesting man. Inventor, Pilot, curmudgeon...
He was a tinkerer all his life, always coming up with something weird and new. Then, in 1998, his wife (my grandmother) died of cancer, and he more or less died too.
But, being a stubborn bastard, he lived on for 6 years in spite of himself. He had a lady-friend, and they were really good for eachother. They both had someone to do stuff with. He wasn't his old self, but he was a little better.

October the thirteenth, he finally died for good.

So we had the funeral for my grandfather.
We're a slightly weird family, so we grabbed a shovel and a post digger, the close relatives and friends, went out into the graveyard, and we dug him a hole.
He was cremated, so it wasn't a huge hole.
We put him in, some words were said, some tears shed and some laughter shared.
We filled in the hole, stomped the dirt down, and had a champagne toast.
Yeah, we're a weird family. but in a good way.

I've been trying to come up with a good eulogy, but I think my dad summed him up best.
"To Rich, who did it his way."
He was a stubborn old bastard, and a charming guy as well. when he wasn't being downright offensive.
But he never let anyone else tell him what to do.

I'll miss him.
Here's to you Poppy.
I can't say I believe in an afterlife, but I sure hope you're back with your wife, and fishing on some great river in the hereafter.
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