December 23rd, 2004

Evil Twin

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boss is letting me go at 3:30 today.
I can sit at the airport for an extra half hour before my 7:35 flight. r0x0r.

Got a free month of netflix from boss as an x-mas present thing, which is a really cool idea and I'd be more psyched about if I didn't already have a subscription to it. ;o)

Finished x-mas shopping for the family today at lunch. I knew what I was getting, just hadn't made it to the store yet.

Today on the subway going to work, I saw a guy from my old job. He's at a branch office up here temporarily. Was really weird, someone said my name on the subway, and it took a minute before I could figure out why he looked so familliar. *grin*

anyway, it's almost quitting time, gotta go wrap my week up.
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