March 7th, 2005

Evil Twin

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Saturday I made us Eggs Benedict for breakfast, with smoked salmon instead of bacon. My first ever holandaise turned out quite tasty. (Thanks Alton Brown!)
After that, we kind of bummed around the house for the most part, and later watched the first Harry Potter movie with an alternate soundtrack from was pretty neat.

yesterday we had a lovely brunch with some friends who we hadn't seen in awhile, then we wandered to central square.
I picked up a Go set (roll-up travel board and stones), and prosicated and I went to a tea house, drank tea, and played Go for an hour or so.
It was quite pleasant.
went home, had tasty dinner, watched simpsons and iron chef america, and crashed.

all in all, a tasty and pleasant weekend.

now, back to work.
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Evil Twin

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Just had to inform two of my coworkers that a million bytes is one megabyte, not 100 megabytes.
One I could excuse, but two? who have been working in the computer field for about 10 years EACH?
fer fuck's sake.
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Over the stars

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Video game violence.
A subject I try to skirt around. because let's face it, I'm a gamer. I willfully participate in these violent apparitions of modern technology, so I'm a little biased. (just a tad.)
But still, the constant instance by the media, lawyers, and victims parents that "video games made my child a killer!", really fucking pisses me off.
Know what made him a killer? your shitty-ass neglectful parenting.

Welcome to the concept of personal responsibility, where you don't go looking for someone to sue whenever something bad happens.

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Western children today are (by and large) raised by their televisions and video games. What you get out the other end of the process, is a child who has no sense of perspective, no respect for anyone/anything, and rolemodels of violence.

(wow that got long, please leave a comment with thoughts if you got through the whole thing.)
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The NYTimes reported last weekend on the Robert Blake trial, and included this bizarre tidbit:

Earlier in the trial, a professor from the University of California, Los Angeles, testified as an expert witness about the psychotropic effects of cocaine. He said that he had smoked crack cocaine himself and sat in a cage with monkeys to teach them how to smoke cocaine as well.

Here's the article (login privacy/privacy, link dies after a few days).

(from: )

My favorite epithet, Crackmonkey, has gotten loose in the world. ^_^
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