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March 28th, 2005

11:54 am
having not read LJ since thursday, i had to go back almost 400 entries.
You're some prolific fuckers, I tell yas...

Well that was a good way to kill a morning. Time to go grab some lunch.
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02:14 pm
Hmm. To post this friends-only, or leave it open...?
meh. I'll leave it open. If they want me to write for them, they should know where I'm coming from with it.

So sort of on a whim recently, I submitted an application to write a digital photography blog to Weblogsinc.com. They're the people who run Engadget.com, as well as a number of other sucessful consumer blogs out there.

I submitted a brief life history (as relates to technophilia, photographilia, college education, and intarweb addiction), and figured if I heard back from them saying "sounds good, but you're not as obsessive as we were hoping for, and we got 9 ga-jillion applicants" then I'd just be happy and go on with my life.

I just got an e-mail back, and they asked me to submit some example posts that I'd put up if they tapped me to write for said digi-photo-blog. I can't tell if they just wanted a complete image and have a million people they're trying to compare on an even playing field, or if they really liked what I had to say and wanted to find out more about me and whether I'm the man for the blog.

They also asked if I could do 125 posts a month.

Now I'm sure I could blather on for 125 posts a month, but the question is if I can do 125 lucid posts per/month (or about 4 a day) on new developments in the field of digital photography?

I think I could. I mean, reading engadget.com obsessively all day long, I basically see a post about every new mp3 player, cell phone, toy, gizmo, etc. that hits the market, or is rumored to be hitting the market. If I were just to relay the latest info on the newest cameras and such, I could probably manage to average 4 posts a day.

The other thing is that I don't know if this is a paid position or not, etc. After all, I do have a full time job to deal with, of which I'm starting a new one on friday. Hmm. Sure can't hurt to ask them for more info on it I suppose.
At worst they'll tell me to buzz off, and I'm where I was this morning.
mood: cheerfulcheerful

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03:33 pm
So there's this guy who works in the mailroom at my office. Heavy African accent (sorry, don't know what language, but he also speaks French), friendly guy. Somewhat computer savvy, does some programming in his spare time. More programming savvy than actually computer usage though. He likes to come over and bug us helpdesk guys for advice on whatever he screwed up most recently on his computer, or whatever weird crap he's trying to pull off that his hardware/software wasn't ever intended to do. (Not hacker style, just a guy expecting too much from his consumer technology.)

anyway, I just helped him get Oracle 10 installed on his brand new powerbook. He'd bought a copy of OSX Server that he was going to install, and I was like "woah woah woah buddy! keep that software box sealed! Just throw Oracle on the base version of OSX, should fire right up. It's a BSD core afterall, Server just has some shiny addons." So he did, and it did, so he can return that wikid expensive copy of OSX Server and pocket the cash.

silly people...
not even trying it on the standard edition before dropping a wad of cash on expensive software...

Good deed for the day, accomplished.
mood: cheerfulcheerful

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05:35 pm

mood: cheerfulcheerful

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