April 2nd, 2005

Evil Twin

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Went clothes shopping today for the new job. Spent way too much on some nice shirts, but now i have a closet full of clothes that I actually want to wear, and Meg says I look good in. This is a good thing. I'd been defaulting to Polo shirts for work clothes, because they're easy to deal with. I don't like them much though, they're just easy. So now I can look less like a slob at my new office. yay.

Job yesterday was kind of a bust. I went in a 10am, did paperwork with the HR person for a while, then killed time waiting for my boss (Rich) to come in. Rich was sick, his kid gave him the sniffles or something, so he wasn't coming in. Therefore, I had absolutely zilch to do at my first day of work, and HR lady sent me home early. Went home, grabbed a burrito from Anna's, and then met Meg at the train station. She was quite happy with this situation, as she'd had a craptacular day. we went out for beers and food, I listened to her rant about her day in detail, and told her of my lack of a day. Then we went home and watched the newest Hairy Pooter movie which had just come in the post. yay!

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So, typing this on my iBook, over the wireless connection, from bed, with a sleeping prosicated next to me.

Ain't technology wonderful?
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