April 8th, 2005

Evil Twin

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The justamy is doing that interview thing, so I figured I'd play along.
1) if you got a really great job that fulfilled all your career goals but it was 500 miles away from meg for at least 5 years (but at the end of five years you could retire and go back to where meg is, rich as midas), would you take it?
Wow, tough one. but if I could retire after 5 years I think Meg and I would have a long talk, and I'd probably end up taking it. I assume we could still visit each other as frequently as travel allowed...

2) which of these men: your father, your paternal grandfather, or your maternal grandfather would you like to clone for your own son? for this question, you WILL have a son and he must be an exact clone of one of these three men. why?
Father. My grandfathers were both very odd men in their own ways. My father, while odd too, is a much easier person to live with than either of them. Plus I really like my dad. ^_^

3) will you ever eat raw steak again?
lol, quite probably. Perhaps not that particular variant, but before I die I probably will.

4) would you rather be blind or deaf? why?
Eff, I hate this question. And my answer changes frequently.
Today I'd rather be deaf. but yesterday and tomorrow my answer would be blind. *sigh*
Deaf would be easier to function in the daily world. You can still see, you can get around on your own, and you don't need a big pet dog to take you everywhere.
On the other side of the coin, you'd miss out on music, people's voices, etc. I don't know how well I'd get along without music.
Music loving days are the "i'll take blind" days.
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