May 3rd, 2005

Evil Twin

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any dos experts in the house?

Trying to find people's wireless MAC addresses easily. Have a batch file grabing the results of "ipconfig /all" and tossing it up on a file share. Problem is, if the person's wireless connection is disabled it doesn't show up in there.

I need a way to get that mac address even if the connection is disabled.

i'm on AIM, inthehandbasket.
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Evil Twin

(no subject)

New cell phone game~!~
if you think I should have your number, post it below.
for my eyes only.

Poll #487045 Give me your number if you want

Your phone number(s) please!

What phone did I get?
This one: Moto V630

Almost got the Samsung p735 with the MP3 player built in, but bossman nixed it was too much money (and rightfully so. heh).
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