May 10th, 2005

Evil Twin

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Interview thing that's been going around.
You know the drill, if you want to be interviewed, leave a comment and I'll ask you 5 questions which you post in your journal, blah blah.

From prosicated:
1. If you would be able to achieve success/your wildest dreams with one of of your hobbies/interests (music-making, computer-building, photography, glass-blowing, metal-smithing, wood-carving, beer-brewing, frisbee, etc.), but could only have that *one* hobby/activity for the rest of your life, which would you pick?Collapse )

2. What would you have done with a year off between high school and college?Collapse )

3. How would you live if you lived alone? What would you eat? What hours would you keep? What would your dwelling look like?Collapse )

4. What inanimate object would you most like to be able to converse with? About what would you converse?Collapse )

5. If you could pick one dead relative to hang out with for a day, and ask anything, whom would you pick, and what would you ask?Collapse )
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Evil Twin

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there's a cheap Fretless Fender up on ebay right now.
Great deal for what it is, but I could find something for about $50 less.
But it'd be something crappier.
But i'm not huge on fenders, or their styling.
But it's a good deal, and I could easily sell it later for what I'd be paying.

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Evil Twin

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so a fretless one of these will soon be in my hot little hands.

Soon, meaning ground UPS shipment from California.
It's a relative thing.

but SOON!
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