June 7th, 2005


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If anyone had doubts that I am, in fact, taking over the world...
I'm starting with YOUR DREAMS!

Oops, protected post. oh well. i was in someone's dream, that's all.
hardly exciting if you're not me I guess. ^_^


in completely unrelated news, paramount pictures has shelved it's plans to make Watchmen into a movie.
I am simultaneously relieved and saddened.


Also, today is permanent account day.
I'm very tossed up on whether to do it or not.
It makes sense, I doubt I'll ditch LJ any time soon.
But it's still a big wad of cash to lay out at once, it feels easier just renewing at $25 every year.
I think I'll probably do it tonight, but I'll probably wait until close to the last minute.
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