September 7th, 2005

Evil Twin

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A letter in the Economist (27th of August) on Intelligent Design:
SIR – The human brain has 100 billion extremely complex neurons connected by 1,000 trillion synapses. It is mathematically impossible for anything this unimaginably complex to have been the product of an unguided evolution, even over limitless aeons. One doesn't have to know the rules of mathematical probability to recognise this. The brain could only have been created by a limitless intelligence, call it what you may.

Ah, what a wonderful argument.
It's mathematically impossible 'cause I said so! Therefore it's science! Therefore science proves the existance of god!

I often wish that I could have a worldview as simple as these people... my head would be nicely uncluttered by any reality.

Why can't they see that they're doing the same thing that cavemen did when they saw lightning?
"ooog, ook! Big zap! sky beings mad!"
"Ooog ob nok! lots of synapses! to complex to not be god!"

no appologies offered.