November 4th, 2005

Evil Twin

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holy cheap laptops batman!
dell 2200 for as low as $350 with wireless card!
Base config is $540, but drop the expensive features, especially the worthless software bundle for $99, and you can get it as low as $335.

I know a couple of you have been hunting computers lately, definitely worth a look.
You can add RAM later for far cheaper than they charge you.
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Evil Twin

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wow, I'm so done being in this office.
I want out, now!
This weekend can't come too soon. 3:20 left and counting...

Lots of stuff going on in my life, unfortunately it's all other people's stuff, so i can't tell you about it until they're ready. so I'll taunt you with lines like this for awhile.

I need more tea at work.
I plan to remedy this soon.

I've so far avoided buying a pack of Cloves this fall. In another month though, I might fall prey to my cold-weather vice.
You know that I've never smoked a cigarette in my life? Not counting cloves of course.

I need more current photos of me, so I can make some icons that actually represent what I look like these days. As much as I loved my orange hair, it's a little out of date. Like 4 years out of date.

I wear these ghetto looking headphones called Koss PortaPro's when I'm on the subway. This morning, some guy walked past me the other direction and snapped his head around to stare at me as we passed. I looked back and noticed he was wearing them too. We shared a little smile in passing, of knowing that there's someone else in the know out there.
These headphones have amazing sound, and only look like they're from the 80's.
I swear.

Off to do more work before I escape.
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Intarweb drunk librarian

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Oh, and here's a tidbit from an MSN article about the flu.

No-nonsense tips
Finally, a few ideas you can use and share in the workplace to help stop the spread of flu germs:
* If you know you’re sick with the flu, stay home.
* Get a flu shot, which not only protects you but helps prevent contagion.
* Within a day of becoming ill, ask your doctor about antiviral medications, which can shorten the episode and contain the virus.
* Be especially cautious between late December and early March, the peak of flu season.
* Sneeze or cough into your elbow, not into your hands.
* Clean phones, doorknobs and desktops with alcohol swabs.
* Throw used tissues away!
* Wash your hands and face often with hot, soapy water.

* During flu season, never let anyone lick your keyboard.

Thanks MSN. what would we ever have done without you?
It'd be an orgy of flu-laden keyboard-lickers, I swear.

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