November 21st, 2005

Evil Twin

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So the motherboard I was getting for the new computer setup got driven off the edge of a platform at the fedex facility on friday.
Waiting to hear if it's damaged, in which case I'll have to scramble to get another one.

In other news, had a good weekend. cleaned a LOT, apartment looks much better. floors are a mess cause we knocked all the dust etc. down onto them, and haven't vaccuumed yet; that's tonight or tomorrow.
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Evil Twin

(no subject)

ah well, I was hoping to have all my computer pieces together by the time I left work tomorrow for the long weekend, but it's not to be.
Just as well, since I probably won't have any spare time through sunday. heh. Processor and hard drives showed up at work today, I get to take them home and stick them in the closet.

My mouth is feeling better. It's amazing the healing capacity of the mouth region. Lips, tongue, etc. They all heal disturbingly fast. It helps that I'm a very fast healer to begin with I suppose.

Work was busy today, but in a good way. Had plenty to do, but never felt rushed. I like days such as this one.
anyway, it's time to depart my fair office, and go grocery shopping.
May $DIETY have mercy on our souls for attempting food shopping this close to turkeyday...
If you never hear from me again, look for me trampled to death on the floor of the Fresh Pond Whole Foods.
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