March 26th, 2006

Evil Twin

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Well that was a fun trip. Now begins the painful trip home. It's 11:16 local time, I won't be home in Cambridge until about 5pm local time tomorrow. Ugh.
On a cell modem (from work, helpdesk has it's perks) in the terminal in Maui right now, waiting for boarding to start. Hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep on this flight or it's really going to suck tomorrow when I get on another plane and feel like hell. It's like a 5 hour flight, so that's what I'm hoping to sleep for. Then a little while awake in LAX and hop on another plane, stay awake till I get home, then crash early monday night with prosicated. yay!

Then get up and go back to work. less yay.
I've got a good pile of stuff that's waiting for me when I get back. I put a bunch of stuff off for "when i get back," and now that's all going to bite me in the ass. Ah well. It's mostly just calling Dell and sitting on hold with them for an hour, then putting in like 6 tickets which will each take a good 15 minutes for the poor "tech" to type into their apparently painful system. Good times.

There's a NASCAR family sitting to my left discussing the intricacies (sp?) of today's race. Whee.

Ok, looks like they're getting ready to start boarding, I should shutdown the laptop.
Off into the great blue beyond!
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