May 23rd, 2006

Evil Twin

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Caught up on friends page, back to work.

So we're moved. Meaning that %99 of our crap is in the new apartment.
Admittedly it's mostly still in boxes, but it's there.
We still need to go back and pick up plants, a few pieces of wall art, and some random stuff (ironing board, case of beer, etc), but that's probably going to happen tonight.
I took yesterday off of work to recover, do laundry, go shopping at home despot for bits and pieces, and bed-bath-beyond for bathtub accessories since we didn't have a tub in our old place. (Yay! Baths!) Also picked up a car load of detritus from the old place that didn't get packed, or was awkward, or what have you.

Back to work today, quiet morning so far, hopefully it'll stay that way and let me recover. I've been beyond exhausted the past two evenings, and I'm not overstating that. Just ask prosicated. I haven't felt that exhausted since after weekend-long frisbee tourbaments in college. Or that week long soccer camp in 7th grade, although frankly that was more exhausting, I literally couldn't get out of bed for dinner one evening. Seriously, I tried and couldn't move.

Anyway. work. yes. Gotta clean up this office, it's a pigsty.
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