August 4th, 2006


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So i just embarked on a mission that I've had brewing for some time: Building a large NAS RAID for the apartment.
My boss handed me an old Quantum Snap server with some crap 30gb drives in it, and said "here, make this disappear." So after some research, i went to newegg and bought 4 hard drives at the best price/GB ratio I could find, which will go in a lovely RAID 5 setup to grant us about 450GB of fault-tolerant network storage space.
aka. plenty of room to grow, rip all our CDs into a lossless format, possibly rip some DVDs and stream them, etc.

I can't tell you how excited I am. You'd just laugh at me.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about the time that the president of my company accused me of taking a joyride in her brand-new Lexus. That one's a hoot.
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