August 8th, 2006

Evil Twin

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Very cool site,
Little videos, aka free travel guides, for places all around the world.

There's one for Huron Village!
And it's got Robert from Formaggio Kitchen!
He's my cheese pimp, I give him homebrew and he guides me to rawkin cheeses. watch it!
Evil Twin

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As started by a friend of miyyu and continued by oceanic, here's my list of things to accomplish as an adult.
To become an adult?
Before I die?
some combo of the above.

1. College
2. Marriage (in progress)
3. Have a savings account with a multi-thousand dollar balance.
4. Own a house
5. Be able to sell something I made myself, and be proud of it.
6. Make a name for myself in the employment field of my choosing, or have my side-business become my main business.
7. Have a shop/garage to tinker in.

That's it for now.