August 28th, 2006

Red cautious

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Holy shit that was scary.

Came home at 11ish from an evening of playing Magic: The Gathering (yes, the card game) with some fellow old-school dorks, got dropped off at the apartment, walked up the steps and opened the door. Thereup, I was greeted by the overwhelming stench of natural gas.*
Freaked out, I ran into the bedroom and started shaking my dear prosicated, who didn't respond for a good 5 seconds. As you can imagine I was duly freaking at this point, but true to my form I wasn't shouting but just quietly... well... freaked out.

Finally she did wake up, and said "oh god, it does smell like gas in here..."
Like I needed the vindication. I almost had a headache already from the strength of it.

As it turns out, one of the burners wasn't all the way turned off, and had been slowly leaking for a number of hours into the apartment.
The cats are both fine, prosicated is also fine (and already back asleep), but damn that was a scary moment. I won't be sleeping for at least another hour, by then hopefully my heart will have stopped pounding.

*Yes, I know natural gas is odorless, but they cut it with methane for just such occurances. So you can smell leaks.
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